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Been even longer!!! Jul. 21st, 2006 @ 03:27 pm
Geez am i really that busy nowadays? :P Anyway I ended up moving to Cali, then Marrying Ryan! now we moved to Missouri. Things are going really well for me, Josh had been in jail the past 7 months or so, I hear he's out but I'm not sure, I don't talk to him anymore...Anyway hopefully I keep up more on this!
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Hmmm been a LONG time!!! Nov. 14th, 2005 @ 03:53 pm
Yeah almost a year...lol not really :P but anyway i just found this again and started reading it and decided to update! So me and Josh...no longer together...Probably never will be again, and It doesn't matter, cuz I have a new bf now and he's the greatest guy ever <3!! Ok i found this on Bonnie's page so here :P

<td align="center">You will be a Broadway Star

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Anyway...Just got some new cell phones today, i accidently threw my old one in the washing machine :-"...So you should call me :D lol no I'm not giving you my number here :P...Oh and I'm also planning on leaving the state pretty soon...I know I know you're gonna miss me but grrr, there's too many annoying/depressing memories to live here any longer, and besides Ryan lives there so I'm mainly going just to be with him <3!! Yeah well...That's it for today, I get my braces taken off tomorrow yay :D!!!
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Jun. 12th, 2005 @ 11:12 am
Today was interesting….Well we ate this morning at ANOTHER buffet lol I seriously can’t eat enough for it to be worth the money :P but the one at our hotel has super good food. Josh was the only one who took me to a real restaurant…Anyway we left Vegas at like noon-ish and we were on the road for 4 ½ hours, I hate driving, I can’t sleep and I get so annoyed sitting there all the time, so bleh when we got home I was VERY happy.
Of course Brad and Josh went back to Reno and Julie took me to Santa Ana, I’m gonna be going home on the 28th, but its nice being here for now, I like the break away from having to take care of 3 children and clean a huge house lol, (Jules and I decided Josh and Brad are as difficult as Cael is =P)

So I got to my grandparents house, and my brother, had one of his friends and our cousin over, okay. (oww my back hurts!) okay so me and his friend, Mike, we go waaaay back to like the diaper days :P well we’ve known each other for a long time, and he’s a year younger than I am, but like when I was 16 I got a crush on him, and so we….made out n stuff, (I come up to cali once a year and I always see him) But like we never really went out. So I saw him today after 2 and so years, cuz I didn’t get to come up for a while and oh my god is he sooooo damn hot now. They invited me to go to this “Cyber Gate” place, it turned out to be a really nerdy place lol, where people go and play video games n stuff , so I just got on a computer and chatted to some people, and then Bonnie ditched me! Lol. So I sat next to him, on purpose :P, and I flirted with him and stuff, and he flirted back. He even quit playing his game for a while to talk to me! Lol, well you know guys and their games ;) anyway we left after like three hours…which was way too long but at least I had good company. And I sat behind him when we got in the car, again on purpose! And we were talking and stuff while Walker went to get us food, and I started playing with his hair, and my cousin goes “What are you doing touching Mike’s head?” and I told him cuz his hair is so soft, and then Mike goes “Wanna touch my other head?” lol so I said yeah sure, but just kiddin around, and my cousin laughed, like he knew what we had done back when we were kids…….which I didn’t think he did. Then my brother came and brought us our food, I was starving by then. So I got this chili dog from weinersnitzels (lol bad spelling :P) and of course that generated some comments :P but ill keep it rated pg 13 lol.

Ok so we dropped Mike off and when he said bye to me he winked, yeah I got that wow feeling, but I’m such a sap anyway :P of course this other guy winked at me tonight also but we’ll get to that….SO we started to drive home after that, but my cousin and my brother decided they wanted to go to a porn store *sigh* so I agreed I’m like ok whatever, so I sat in the car while my cousin went inside,my brother stayed, and he was writing on the windows so I went outside to see what it looked like, and this guy who just arrived to the porn store got out of his car and winked at me, I gave him an “eww” look and said “Okay time to get back in the car” he started laughing at me, and said “I told you to stay in the car, you’re too white for this neighborhood” lol so anyway it was wrong, then I felt gross, so when I got home I took a shower, ugh, definitely ruined my so perfect wink I got earlier.

And that’s it, wow I wrote a lot! Lol btw bonnie you’re in trouble for ditching me! :P just joking but yeah, now I gotta send you all my points and stuff I promised :D
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Birthday May. 30th, 2005 @ 09:16 pm
It was my birthday yesterday, it was way cool i had a party, just like the day before lol, but Alex didn't show up and I'm gonna have to kick his ass....-_-

Oh and those of you who never said happy birthday, im comin for ya heheh ;)
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Weee May. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:06 am
well I'm going to Cali on the 28th, i take too many vacations =P i need a vacation from vacationing lol. Cael's walking now yay ^-^ it's so cute

Hmm i really don't know what i wanna do right now, probably go back to sleep
I made gingerbread last night it was reaaallly good! I'm getting good at this cooking thing =P and i actually mowed my lawn yesterday! lol I'm the worst housewive, especially since I'm not a wife to begin with :P but anyway I'm gettin there! at least if i screw up i can just hire someone to do it for me haha, jk jk! anyway I'm still tired, and annoyed that Josh keeps calling me...

2 more days!!
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Other entries
» Hi!
I know its a been a while since i updated *sigh*
well i got Josh to move out, i did it subtly though....i said "Josh you should move out." lol anyway he still comes over a lot, and thats cool i guess i just need to be able to get away from him when i need to. I did go on a date last night, and the guy took me to T.G.I fridays, woopdeedoo.....lol anyways i dont think ill be seeing him again, not only was he cheap but he was way too nervous, and it made the night really boring

So LOST's and American Idol's season will be over soon and ill have to figure out something new to do on my wednesday nights.... maybe I'll do some homework =P maybe but i doubt it, im getting fed up with this home school thing but at least it doesnt eat up all my time like if i were going to a campus, I did bring home my gigantic brownie from my "Fun" date and im eating it right now lol, needless to say i wont be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day....heheh

SO where is everyone at today anyway?
» Damn
Hmm well i got back from my trip only to find out that Anthony Federov got voted out of American Idol the day before....Argh it woulda been really REALLY nice to have met him :P so anyway, Josh is still living here, he's acting as if nothing happened, i wonder if he understands that it's over? cuz he want to normal Josh as soon as i got home, signs of cheating? I dunno, i dont think i care anymore im over him...i think lol. So I'm kinda upset cuz LOST's season is almost over and I love staring at some of the guys on that show! lol how come i can't have guys like that in my neighborhood :P, I'll have to buy the DVD's haha i'm so obsessive! oh well, enjoy your life cuz it's gonna SUCK! Some guy said that at a meeting i went to today for my home biz, he was cool but also negative at some points, good news is that i got two people signed up so thats an extra 200 bucks every month for me yay! If any of you wanna join you should get ahold of me! it's way fun and you get really neat stuff, not to mention cash! If you like energy drinks and sports bars or whatever then you'll really like it, we specialize in those and they're soooooo yummy! plus you get points towards cash even if you're the one buying! cool eh? ;) well I'm off to bed, i'm tired, and tired and too used to sleeping in for two weeks.
Nighty night everyone!

I'm feelin Chipper, wootsie!
lol what the hell am i talking about anyway?
» Bye Josh!
well josh and i spent hours arguing, and finally i just said "its time to split" so we broke up and thats that, he was really starting to get on my nerves recently, and im not a very patient person when it comes to relationships, am i supposed to be any more patient? he wasnt calling me and avoiding me every time i tried to talk to him, so anyway im single again, now i gotta figure out how to get him out of my house quickly and painlessly......

» Brum Brum ba dummm
my mom called, she laughed so hard, i was like, this really isnt funny, but she said her and everyone put stuff out and messed up the beds and threw Cael's toys all over the floor just to play a joke on me....

HA HA HA....i did NOT find it very funny, and i have a sense of humour......anyway they hit me at a bad time

PS and to Bonnie, because i dont feel like going and commenting back =P
He's just been ignoring me and not doing things he says he's going to do, i guess i shouldnt' expect too much...he IS a guy (yeah that made me feel better!)

Off to finish my homework
» ARG!!!!
ok so i called my mom and told her about what had happened, and she says "well you dont have to worry about anything down here because it's all going great!" and she sent me some pictures of my house.......and this had BETTER be a damn joke! Or im going to have to kill my own mother AND my roomates! Bitches........

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

My house is such a fuckin mess I'm so pissed off right now, this better be April Fool's in May!
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